Our Work With Adaptive Spirit

No Excuses Unlimited partners with Adaptive Spirit to help the Team.

Adaptive Spirit is a not-for-profit trade association that focuses on building business relationships and effective networking practices in the telecommunications industry. Through initiatives that focus on education and networking, Adaptive Spirit champions the strength of business relationships with the result of creating a more profitable industry. To that end, Adaptive Spirit provides education, recognition, information and networking opportunities for distribution companies, content providers and others who supply products and services to the industry.

Athlete Partner Program: One of the most impactful programs is the Athlete Partner Program (APP). APP supplies athletes with an opportunity to receive funding for expenses associated with training and competitions. Funded primarily by Adaptive Spirit and administered by No Excuses Unlimited, APP funds are granted based on an application process. For APP funds to be administered in a manner consistent with the best interests of U.S. Paralympic National Ski Team and IRS tax regulations, an APP Administrative Committee oversees the program. The committee’s primary function is to determine how and to whom APP funds are distributed. This is a volunteer committee and has no legal authority. APP and its Administrative Committee fall under the legal authority of the Adaptive Spirit Board of Directors and the No Excuses Unlimited Board of Directors. Most of the funding is generated each year at the SkiTAM silent auction. Adaptive Spirit and No Excuses Unlimited may choose to supplement the program with other activities. Donations may be made throughout the year to APP.